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Sonetics APX372 Listen-Through Personal Headset

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APX372 Listen-Through Headset Over Head
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Please note: This headset is for personal use only and will not function within a Sonetics Team Wireless System. Learn more about Team Wireless Systems.

  • MAXIMUM COMFORT: The APX372 was made for all-day wear and extended comfort with cushioned ear seals and ball-pivot joints that evenly distribute side-force as you move.

  • ENHANCED SAFETY: Listen-through microphones on the ear domes let you hear and control the volume of alarms, voices, equipment noise and other critical sounds.

  • KNOW YOU’RE PROTECTED: Our patented Fit Detection System measures and records sound levels inside the ear cups. A voice prompt warns you if and when sound exposure nears unsafe levels.

  • CONNECT YOUR WORLD: Plug in your portable two-way-radio, cell phone or MP3 player and stay connected while you get the job done.

  • RUGGED DURABILITY – Ready to work wherever you do, the APX372 is watertight, dustproof and verified to perform between -40°F and +158°F.