Two-way radio headsets for Motorola, Kenwood or Harris radios | Sonetics

These advanced hearing protectors are rugged and durable for tough jobs. Also available with two-way radio transmit and wireless Bluetooth options.
Please Note: These headsets are for personal use only and will not function within a Sonetics Team Wireless System. Learn more about Team Wireless Systems.

Sonetics APX372 Listen-Through Personal Headset

p/n: APX372-CFG

Advanced hearing protection with listen-through awareness and wired mobile device connection.

Sonetics APX373 Radio Transmit Personal Headset

p/n: APX373-CFG

Advanced hearing protection with two-way radio transmit capability.

Sonetics APX375 Wireless Bluetooth Personal Headset

p/n: APX375-CFG

APX375 Wireless Bluetooth Headset