PR-8 Cable Adapter for Icom Portable Radios

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6ft. coiled. Simple direct-wire connection installs easily.

Compatible with these Icom Portable Radios:

  • F11 and F14
  • F33GT/GS and F43GT/GS
  • F3021T/S, F3023T/S, F4021T/S and F4023T/S
  • F3001, F3003, F4001 and F4003
  • F3011 and F4011
  • F14/S and F24/S
  • F43TR

Compatible with these Midland Extra-Talk & G-Series Portable Radios:

  • G-225, G-226, G-227, G-300, and G-300M
  • GXT, and LXT
  • T31VP, T51VP3, T55VP3, T65VP3, T71VP3, AND T75VP3

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