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PR-70 Cable Adapter for Icom Portable Radios

p/n: PR-70

Supports IC-F and F-Series portable radios.

PR-71x Cable Adapter for Motorola Portable Radios

p/n: PR-71X

For Motorola APX Series portable radios.

PR-72 Cable Adapter for Harris Portable Radios

p/n: PR-72

Supports Unity XG-100P portable radios.

PR-73 Cable Adapter for Harris Portable Radios

p/n: PR-73

Supports Harris XG P25 and P Series multimode portable radios.

PR-8 Cable Adapter for Icom & Midland Portable Radios

p/n: PR-8

Supports F-Series, Extra-Talk & G-Series portable radios.


Silicone ruggedizers in 14 standard colors, including high-visibility yellow, orange and pink.

Sonetics APX372 Listen-Through Personal Headset

p/n: APX372-CFG

Advanced hearing protection with listen-through awareness and wired mobile device connection.

Sonetics APX373 Radio Transmit Personal Headset

p/n: APX373-CFG

Advanced hearing protection with two-way radio transmit capability.

Sonetics APX375 Wireless Bluetooth Personal Headset

p/n: APX375-CFG

APX375 Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Sonetics Headband - AR

p/n: 114-0157-00

Sonetics Headband - AR

Sonetics Headband - Original

p/n: 114-0143-00

Sonetics Headband - Original