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Headset Configuration Tool

p/n: 473-0006-00

Headset Configuration Tool

Mic Muff and O-Ring Kit

p/n: 103-0102-00

Replacement mic muff for all Apex wireless headsets. Comes with O-ring for a secure fit.

Cigarette Lighter Adapter 12V

p/n: 114-0145-00

Wall Charger for Headset

Headband - Adjustable

p/n: 108-0025-00

Under-Helmet Adjustable Headband (hook and loop)


Silicone ruggedizers in 14 standard colors, including high-visibility yellow, orange and pink.

Foam Ear Seals

p/n: 108-0088-00

Foam Ear Seals (Pair).

Charger Cable for APX-3 Series Wireless Headset

p/n: 321-0007-00

Wall Charger for Headset

Comleather Ear Seals

p/n: 108-0089-00

Comleather Ear Seals (Pair). For use with Sonetics APX3-Series Wireless Headsets only.

Lithium Ion Replacement Batteries

p/n: 114-0141-00

3.7V lithium-ion replacement battery, compatible with all Apex 3-Series Wireless Headsets.

Comfort Foam Ear Seals

p/n: 108-0091-00

Comfort Ear Seals (Pair)

Sonetics Headband - Original

p/n: 114-0143-00

Sonetics Headband - Original

Sonetics Headband - AR

p/n: 114-0157-00

Sonetics Headband - AR

Hard Hat Adapter - Original

p/n: 114-0140-00

Hard Hat Adapter (Pair)

Hard Hat Adapter - AR

p/n: 114-0300-00

Hard Hat Adapter - AR (Pair)

PR-7 Cable Adapter for Motorola Portable Radios

p/n: PR-7

For Motorola CP, CT, LTS, P and 5P Series portable radios.

PR-8 Cable Adapter for Icom & Midland Portable Radios

p/n: PR-8

Supports F-Series, Extra-Talk & G-Series portable radios.

3.5mm Mini-Jack for Apple iPhone and Others

p/n: PR-40

Supports Apple iPhone and equivalent.

PR-31 Cable Adapter for Kenwood Portable Radios

p/n: PR-31

Supports Kenwood TK, TH, Pro Talk and Pro Power Series portable radios.

PR-70 Cable Adapter for Icom Portable Radios

p/n: PR-70

Supports IC-F and F-Series portable radios.

PR-33 Cable Adapter for Motorola Portable Radios

p/n: PR-33

For Motorola MOTOTRBO XPR series portable radios.